God has provided a glorious new life in Christ Jesus for all. Yet, so many people still carry emotional pain, insecurities, and guilt of the past. As a result, they are caught up in destructive habits https://www.flipmytext.com, self-defeating behaviors, and addictions. Discover and Recover is designed as a 3-month program to guide participants into identifying the real issues that have held them back and finding the freedom that is available to them.

Discover and Recover is an effective resource for churches and Christian recovery groups, as well as for personal study. It will help to:

  • Eliminate insecurities, guilt, and painful issues of the past
  • Bring you into right relationship with God and be filled with His power
  • Bring freedom from addictions and bad habits
  • See yourself the way God sees you
  • Understand what spiritual growth is and begin to grow spiritually


Author Dale Allen entered recovery from alcoholism, drug addiction, and severe depression in 1974. He has worked in the addictions field for over 18 years and has taught led numerous recovery group classes.

What people are saying about Discover and Recover:

"I truly believe that God has positioned Dale Allen, the designer and author of this powerful course, Discover and Recover, to facilitate and lead you into victory in your life! The Discover and Recover course is the right tool that will not only help you understand what triggers your emotional highs and lows but will also provide you with solid life principles. These principles that Dale has laid out in this course are really like a road map that you will need to find that place of comfort you are looking for."
- David Harrison, Pastor of the R.O.C. Church, Regina, Canada

“God’s timing was perfect timing once again!  I registered for the Discover and Recover class and never looked back.  The classroom was a safe and nurturing environment where we could learn and grow.  

“I learned that secrets lose their power when exposed to the light.  I learned to give over past resentments to God and quickly let go of new ones.  Forgiveness is giving up on the idea that the past can be changed.  Power is God’s wisdom applied to our lives.  When our focus is on anything but God, we are off in the ditch.

The greatest joy comes from using my past as a reference point to help others. “I have a peace deep within me I never knew existed.  Greater is He that lives in me than he that is in the world!  I live each day in calm delight."
- Ruth S.

“When I went through Discover and Recover, it was the best thing that I [ever] did for myself. I realized that I had a lot of baggage to get rid of. It was very hard to admit to all of my wrongs, regrets, and anger that I had hidden away, and how it was effecting my life. Once I had it down in writing and read it again, that was when I gave it all to God. I am still on a journey, but with the program and my faith in God, each day becomes a lot easier.”
- Sharon M.

“From taking the Discover & Recover course I've learned to forgive others and myself in my past and present. I've come to realize God is working in all of us and not to be offended so easily by comments or actions of others, so I do not react back in the same manner. “My personal characteristics such as confidence and integrity have improved. I believe I am here for a purpose and not just existing.”
- Peter C.

"For me, I know that this course Discover and Recover has really opened my eyes to forgive people who have hurt me. It has also made me aware that I need to make amends to people in my life whom I have hurt. This course is the main reason that I had the courage to do my testimony in front of a congregation that I barely knew. I have learned to forgive myself and others for my for their action towards me. I learned through this course that God forgives everyone for their sins and that He has a purpose for everyone in their life. Also, God has a purpose and a calling for us to do in life."
- Mark B.

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